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Professor of Missions

Dr. Claudio Divino has a passion for missions.  He has visited 30 countries and preached and taught in 16 different nations.  Dr. Divino has been a delegate representing his home country of Brazil in three different mission conferences in Temuco (Chile), Quito (Ecuador), and São Paulo (Brazil).  He takes his cross-cultural relationships seriously, having contacts in many parts of the world, to where he usually takes his students. 

Dr. Divino had been a successful minister in Brazil for 15 years before coming to the United States.  His last church, in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, grew from 650 to 2,500 in a 5-year period.  Cláudio has served God in His Church as: Editor of Bible School Lessons Publication (1984-1993), General Director of National Youth Department (1977-1978), District Superintendent (1984-1993), General Secretary of Administration (1988-1992), Professor of Missions, Cultural Anthropology, and Theology of the New Testament at the Centro de Formação Teológica [Theological Formation Center].

Cláudio decided to come to America to pursue a M. Div. degree at Emmanuel School of Religion, which he earned in the spring of 1997.  Cláudio has also received his Doctor of Ministry degree from the same institution in May of 2005.  

Cláudio's family, his wife Alzira and his children Estêvão and Celme, came to the USA with him in 1993.  In April of 1995, his wife Alzira had to undergo a kidney transplant.  Her brother came from Brazil and donated her one of his kidneys.  In April of 2001, again, Alzira had her second kidney transplant.  Because of the anti-rejection drugs and special medical care she requires, the Divinos decided to stay here.  His son Estêvão is married and still lives in New York.  His daughter Celme lives in Minneapolis.  The whole family is very active at local churches.

After deciding to stay here in the USA, Cláudio felt called by God to minister to the Portuguese-speaking people who live in America.  In association with the Hisportic Christian Mission and the Orchard Group [ex-Go Ye Chapel Mission], and with the support from several Christian churches from East Tennessee, he planted the Antioch Christian Church in Port Chester-in the New York City metropolitan area.  The Antioch Christian Church now averages at about 400 each week. 

In June of 2003 Cláudio left the Antioch Christian Church to assume the position of Intercultural Studies Professor at the Crossroads College at Rochester, Minnesota.  Besides teaching at Crossroads College, he is also an Adjunct Professor at University of Saint Francis, teaching Cultural Anthropology at the facilities of the Rochester Technological Community College.  Cláudio also is the Staff person in charge of the Ambassadors Group at the Crossroads College, a group involved with cross-cultural missions.     

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