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Selecting the Appropriate Charitable Gift

Crossroads College offers many ways you can contribute. One of the following options may be the right gift for your current financial situation.  If you have any questions, please email them to

You say Gift Types Good Assets
to Give
Your Benefits Charity's Benefits

I have enough assets now, and I want to see my gift at work.

Outright gift



Real estate

Income tax deduction

Estate tax reduction

Charity receives immediate use of funds

I want to make a gift but I need all of my assets now.

Charitable bequest

Life insurance

"Payable on death" accounts




Retirement plan assets

Savings or brokerage account remainders

Estate tax deduction

Charity receives eventual use of funds

I want to make a gift and I have assets, but I need the income from those assets for now.

Remainder trusts

Gift annuities

Pooled income funds

Your home with retained use



Real estate

Partial income tax deduction

Life income for yourself or heirs

Eventual use of funds

I want to make a gift now but I want my heirs to receive something, too.

Lead trust

Life insurance replacement



Income or gift tax deduction

Reduced taxes on appreciation

Preservation of assets for children

Immediate use of funds

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