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Bachelor of Science in Ministry
Onsite and Online

The Bachelor of Science in Ministry program is designed to prepare learners for leadership roles in congregations or other organizations, including vocational or volunteer ministry positions.  Courses are also excellence for existing church leadership who desire deeper instruction and/or continued education.  Click HERE to download the basic information sheet for Compass Adult Studies.

  EDU 1510 Foundations of Education
  ICS 2500 Principles of World Missions
  MIN 2500 Ministry and Evangelism
  MIN 3100 Language Tools for Preaching and Teaching
  MIN 3400 Principles of Leadership
  MIN 3500 Person and Work of the Minister
  MIN 3600 Public Speaking for Ministry
  MIN 4300 Pastoral Counseling
  MIN 4906 Ministry Internship
  SOC 3500 Small Group Dynamics

  BTH 1000 New Testament Literature I: Gospels
  BTH 1201 Old Testament History
  BTH 1250 New Testament Literature II: Acts, Epistles, Revelation
  BTH 2000 Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Literature
  BTH 2400 Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  BTH 3000 Hermeneutics
  BTH 3300 Theology and Practice of Worship
  PLUS Three Other Bible/Theology Electives of your choice
  COM 3100 Introduction to Lifelong Learning
  HUM 1000 Introduction to World Views

Today's organizations seek and need men and women of character who can be successful in the team setting, creative, visionary, and highly effective communicators.  Learners may immediately apply the skills and information gleaned from the classroom to reinforce and enhance their abilities to play active roles in the workplace, community, and congregations.

NOTE: Degree programs require a minimum of 120 semester hours, and assumes students already has or will complete additional hours in General Studies (English/Communications, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, ,etc.) and an adequate number of free electives.


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