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Bible Certificate
Onsite and Online

The Bible Certificate program is designed to engage the learner in an overview of the Bible, major themes, and the historical, geographical, and theological settings of the Bible.  Also, there is an introduction to methods of Bible study and the principles of biblical interpretation, and an introduction to core doctrines of the faith, such as God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Church.  Click HERE to download the basic information sheet for Compass Adult Studies.

  BTH 1000 New Testament Literature I: Gospels
  BTH 1201 Old Testament History
  BTH 1250 New Testament Literature II: Acts, Epistles, Revelation
  BTH 2000 Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Literature
  BTH 2400 Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  BTH 3000 Hermeneutics

Participants enroll as part-time students, alongside those earning degrees, and may progress at their own pace and as courses are available, either onsite or online.  Certificate programs require courses be taken "for credit"; however, any course or courses may be taken as a non-credit "audit" at a reduced charge but without a formal certificate awarded. 

Students may wish to augment their study program with additional courses of interest, either for credit or non-credit audit, depending on short- and long-term goals.


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