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Piano Proficiency Requirements


Students majoring in music must complete a five-point piano proficiency exam before the music degree is granted.  The piano proficiency exam consists of:

1)  playing major scales 
2)  harmonizing a melody
3)  transposing a melody and harmonization
4)  sight-reading a hymn
5)  playing a prepared piece

The piano proficiency exam is administered yearly during finals week of spring semester and is normally completed by the end of the sophomore year.  At the end of the first year of studies at Crossroads, students are given an opportunity to take the piano proficiency exam.  Those needing assistance in meeting the exam requirements should enroll in MUS 2201 and MUS 2202 Piano Proficiency I and II during the sophomore year.  Students needing further assistance should enroll in private piano until the requirements for the Piano Proficiency Exam can be met.  Click here for the piano proficiency evaluation form.

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