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Music Senior Projects

Music majors must successfully perform a senior recital or complete a senior recording.

The Senior Recital is a culmination of the applied music emphasis, and is required of performance majors.  The recital, therefore, should focus on repertoire studied under the tutelage of the applied music instructor(s) in the students’ applied emphases.  Occasionally, a student who has completed a significant number of credits in an additional applied emphasis may combine both applied areas in one recital.  All music on the senior recital should be prepared and performed according to the accepted practices for that instrument.  A panel of faculty members will grade the senior recital. The categories are Repertoire, Technical Facility and Accuracy, Musical Expression, and Performance Practice/Communication.  Click here for the Senior Recital Evaluation Form.

The program will be printed by Crossroads College, and must include the following statement: “[Student’s Name] is a(n) [applied emphasis] student of [instructor’s name].  This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (or Science) degree in Music.”

The recital must be recorded and a copy submitted to the Music Department archives.  The recording may be CD or DVD format.  Arrangements for recording the recital should be made by the student. 

Recitals are performed at various locations in the Rochester area.  The student should schedule the recital as early as possible in the semester to assure the availability of an adequate recital hall.  Several churches in the area that have grand pianos are also available.  Conflicts with the Crossroads College master calendar should be avoided.

Free advertising of the recitals is available through the community events calendars from local TV, radio, and newspapers.   A postcard describing the event should be mailed at least one month in advance to KTTC-TV and KNXR radio. A press release and photograph of the performer should be submitted to the Post-Bulletin for their community events calendar.  The student may also wish to send a press release to his or her hometown newspaper.  Please see Professor Dunbar for assistance in writing and submitting press releases to the local media.

All music majors are expected to attend all recitals and concerts offered by Crossroads College students and faculty.  Recital and concert etiquette involves appropriate attire for a semi-formal event.  If arriving late, entrance to the recital hall should occur only during applause between musical selections, never during a performance. Young children are welcome provided they have been instructed about proper behavior to avoid distractions during the performance.  We do not encourage infants to attend.  Please avoid photography during the recital; time for "action" shots will be made after the performance. 


The Senior Recording is a culmination of the applied music emphasis (primarily for composition majors, although composition majors may still choose to have a recital instead).  The recording must include only repertoire composed/recorded under the tutelage of the applied composition instructor(s) in the students’ collegiate education.  The grading categories are Creativity within Structure, Stylistic Diversity, Variety of Media, and Recording Technique.  Click here for the Senior Recording Evaluation Form.

The recording must be in CD format.  The student is responsible for the CD jacket cover and insert pages, which list the title of each selection, the year each one was composed, all performers who contributed to each selection, lyrics, copyright information, and acknowledgements of all contributors (artwork/photography, recording assistants, etc.).  See Professor Dunbar for assistance in locating professional services, if desired.  A copy of the CD must be furnished to the Music Department archives.   

Upon release of the CD, a press release and photograph of the composer should be submitted to the Post-Bulletin.  The student may also wish to send a press release to his or her hometown newspaper.  Please see Professor Dunbar for assistance in writing and submitting press releases to the local media.  Copies of the CD may also be made available on consignment at Cornerstone Bookstore, Christian Book and Gift, and/or Christos Bookcenter


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