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Crossroads College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music, a Bachelor of Science in Music, and a Minor in Music. Students pursuing degrees outside of music may take private lessons, participate in music ensembles, and choose elective courses in music.

Crossroads’ major programs in music equip students for music occupations within the context of a Christian worldview by encouraging them to formulate a philosophy of music and worship, promoting the development of musical and spiritual gifts, and providing opportunities for musical performance and leadership. These programs develop skills necessary for a variety of occupations, including music ministry and music performance. They also provide the necessary background for continued study in music education, graduate school, or seminary. The Music Major is specifically designed to provide a well-rounded music education for those interested in the secular or para-church music industry.

Students majoring in music choose an area of emphasis for their applied study: composition, guitar, piano, voice, or other instrument.  Before declaring an intent to major in music, students must complete an audition and interview with the music faculty.


Students who complete the Music Major should be able to:

1. Develop maturity, cultural and theological sensitivity, and integrity required of a Christian musician.

2. Plan and lead musical experiences for a variety of settings, including worship, personal enrichment, and entertainment.

3. Demonstrate proficiency in vocal, instrumental, and/or compositional skills in a public setting.

4. Demonstrate basic keyboard proficiency.

5. Demonstrate conducting technique.

6. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of written music theory.

7. Accurately dictate aurally perceived rhythms, intervals, melodies, and harmonies.

8. Articulate important aspects of western music as it developed from earliest times, through each style period, to the present.

9. Demonstrate ability to direct music ensembles for differing age groups.

10. Demonstrate familiarity with historical and contemporary methods of music pedagogy in the United States.

11. Teach music to someone with limited training in music.

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