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Applied Music Instruction

Private instruction in voice, piano, guitar, brass, violin, and composition is available to registered Crossroads College students.  Students majoring in music must choose to emphasize one applied area, in which they accumulate a minimum of six credits, followed by a senior recital or senior recording in that emphasis.  Music minors must take a minimum of four credits of applied instruction.

The numbering system for applied music lessons is sequenced according to experience and level of accomplishment.  Each applied area is assigned its own sequence of course numbers:

Piano:  MUS 1020, 1025, 2025, 3025, 4025
Guitar:  MUS 1030, 1035, 2035, 3035, 4035
Brass:  MUS 1040, 1045, 2045, 3045, 4045
Other Instruments: MUS 1050, 1055, 2055, 3055, 4055
Violin:  MUS 1060, 1065, 2065, 3065, 4065
Voice:  MUS 1080, 1085, 2085, 3085, 4085
Composition: MUS 1090, 1095, 2095, 3095, 4095 

Nonmajors or beginning students with little or no background in an applied area will enroll in the 10_0 level of applied lessons. Entering music majors or minors emphasizing a particular applied area will enroll in the 10_5 level of instruction.  Students who have completed one year of college study in the applied emphasis will enroll at the 2000 level, students who have completed two years of college study in the applied emphasis will enroll at the 3000 level, and so on.

In applied music lessons, students improve their technical proficiency and enhance their repertoire and knowledge of performance practices representative of a wide variety of musical styles.  Students should progress to a higher level of repertoire and technical skill each semester of study. Students should speak with their individual instructors for information about the requirements for applied lessons in each area.

Students are expected to practice a minimum of 1 hour per day for each hour of applied music credits taken each semester.  Often the practice routine will need to exceed the minimum requirement in order to reach a level of satisfactory progress. 

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