Business Administration: Sport Management Program

The Business Administration Major is intended to equip students to serve in the business world with Christian attitudes and ethics that demonstrate servant leadership. The Sport Management Concentration equips students to function effectively in the variety of athletic careers not involved with playing or coaching.


Students who successfully complete the Business Administration Major with a concentration in Sport Management should be able to:

1. Integrate a biblical worldview with skills necessary to function in the business world.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles by which businesses and other organizations operate.

3. Understand and apply basic principles of accounting, management, marketing and finance.

4. Use basic computer programs relevant to business operations.

5. Demonstrate a foundational understanding of statistical methods.

6. Understand the laws governing business operations in the United States.

7. Understand the specific issues relative to management of sports entities.

9. Draw upon the insights, skills, and experiences gained through an Internship under the supervision of a qualified individual.

10. Pursue work at other institutions, public or private, leading toward advanced degrees.


Career Opportunities:

  • Business Administrator
  • Human Resources Director
  • Marketing Director
  • General Manager
  • Sports Program Administrator
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