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Associate of Arts Degree

Associate of Arts Curriculum:

General Studies Core:

Communicate with Our World:

  • COM1201 Beginning Composition
  • COM1201 Advanced Composition
  • COM2600 Oral Communication

Analyze the Natural World:

  • NSQ1500 Environmental Science
  • NSQ1100 Introduction to Life Science or NSQ1300 Basic Anatomy
  • NSQ1050 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts or NSQ2900 Statistics

Analyze the Social World:

  • SOC2000 Human Development
  • SOC1000 Cultural Anthropology

Analyze the Culture:

  • HUM1000 Introduction to World Views
  • HUM2005 World Civilization to 1500 or HUM2010 World Civilization: 1500-Present
  • HUM2200 Literature & Western Culture

Live in Our World:

  • COM1200 Freshman Seminar
  • EDU1510 Foundations of Education
  • MIN2500 Ministry & Evangelism or ICS2500 Principles of World Missions

General Studies Electives:

  • 5 credits of the students choice from the following departments: American Sign Language (ASL), Biblical and Classical Languages (BCL), Communication (COM), Humanities (HUM), Languages (LNG), Music (MUS), Natural Science and Quantitative Thought (NSQ), Physical Education (PER), Psychology (PSY), Social Science (SOC)

Biblical Studies and Theology Core:

Biblical & Theological Studies:

  • BTH1000 New Testament Literature I: The Four Gospels
  • BTH1201 Old Testament History
  • BTH1250 New Testament Literature II: Acts, Epistles, and Revelation
  • BTH2000 Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Literature
  • BTH2400 Introduction to Christian Doctrine

Free Electives:

  • 2-3 credits of the students choice from any area of the college catalog
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