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Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts is a two-year generalist degree (64 semester credit hours) intended for students who desire to receive a Christian-based foundation in general education and Bible. Graduates may plan to enter the work force or transfer to another institution. The curriculum includes five Bible survey courses and an extensive General Studies core.

General Studies Core

All students complete the General Studies core (46-54 semester hours), which seeks to give students a broad introduction to the liberal arts. The curriculum is arranged in five major categories: 

  • Communicate with Our World (writing & speaking), 
  • Analyze the Natural World (science, mathematics, and logic), 
  • Analyze the Social World (sociology), 
  • Analyze the Culture (world views, history, literature, & philosophy), and 
  • Live in Our World (Christian education, ministry, missions, ethics, physical education, & leadership). 

Through the combination of courses, students will learn about themselves and the world in which they live. They will develop critical thinking and communication skills that will enhance their abilities to lead and minister as a Christian in society.

A Foundation for Life

Students who successfully complete the A.A. program gain a grounding in the Christian Scriptures and the Christian faith; an elementary grasp of general knowledge in the arts, humanities and sciences; basic skills for volunteer ministry in the church and community; and tools for further autonomous learning. Spiritual formation programs round out the student's educational experience.

Upon completing the Associate of Arts degree:

  • Some students will transfer to another college or university for further education in a field not offered at Crossroads.  [NOTE: Each college sets its own transfer policies. Accordingly, students would be wise to consult in advance with the school they wish to attend regarding transferability of credits and choice of elective classes.]
  • A few students will enter the job market or enroll in a vocational or technical school. Such students enjoy increased employment and educational opportunities due to their Associate of Arts degree. They may also serve more effectively in the general ministries of the church due to their greater knowledge of God’s word and God's world.

Goals of the Associate of Arts Degree

  1. Help students diagnose reading problems and develop college-level reading skills.
  2. Help students develop basic knowledge of a wide range of subjects as a foundation for further learning.
  3. Help students demonstrate college-level writing skills.
  4. Help students develop critical thinking abilities, reflected in their writing and speaking, in order to understand their culture(s) better and develop practical skills for daily living.
  5. Introduce students to the mission of the church, providing awareness of ministerial concerns, opportunities for service, and basic skills and gifts needed for ministry.
  6. Help students mature in their cognitive knowledge of biblical teaching.
  7. Help students mature in their attitudinal and behavioral response to biblical teaching.
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